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Brian and Linda

Brian and Linda Seeholzer
Brian and Linda have a strong love for family and friends! They have four grown sons, two daughter-in-laws and 6 beautiful grandchildren they adore. they work hard for their customers’ needs and believe that “a man’s word is gold”! They truly stand behind their statement that they NEVER CLOSE! Many dinners went back in the oven so they could take care of their customers. They give their word that if the cusomter is not happy, then NOBODY is happy! It’s been 22 years with these beliefs and they are looking for another 50.


Peter Boardman

If you have called us more than once, chances are you have met the most steadfast Falcon we have – Peter Boardman


Peter has been with us nearly 20 years and has been the longest employee of Falcon Plumbing Service.  He is one that just won’t give up on an issue until it is solved, even if it means researching things on his computer when he gets home.


His background in the military and sales prior to coming to us primed him well to be our go-to guy, and he proves it in the field every single day.  We are grateful to have his heart on our team.  He will treat you like he treats his own family.

Ryan Seeholzer

We here at Falcon pride ourselves on being a family business, so we are proud to say that Brian and Linda’s son Ryan has been with us for 15 years now!


Ryan developed a deep technical skill-set working professionally with cars, engines and sound systems before joining our team.   His knack for identifying the root causes was honed early, and has served him well as he mastered plumbing and heating.  He knows the trade extremely well and has countless contacts that can assist in just about anything that is outside of the scope of what we do at Falcon Plumbing.


Ryan represents the potential of community focused, family-centered small business.  He is our greatest ambassador and an excellent plumber that has become a team leader for all of Falcon.


Here at Falcon Plumbing, we know that half of the battle with finding a good plumber is actually getting them on the phone.  Many companies list a cell-phone these days to try to make sure their employees can take your call even if they are at another job.  While that may be better than no answer at all, it robs you of their undivided attention and potentially robs the customer they are currently assisting of paid time.  We haven’t forgotten that first impressions matter, which is why if you call us you will likely reach Ann first!


Ann has been our office manager for nearly four years.  She brings a wealth of experience working with car dealerships that has prepped her well for monitoring our technicians and job orders.  Entertain one conversation with her and you too will appreciate the customer service focus Ann brings to work every day.   Always the cheerful voice and the helpful attitude on the other end of the telephone, Ann takes each call (or customer who walks through our door) as an opportunity to build our relationship with the community.


We could not be prouder to have Ann on our team, and we aren’t sure what our technicians would do without her!  To say she is indispensable to our daily operations would be an understatement, yet there is no way to overstate her value.  There is an old adage that the customer is always right, so find out for yourself and give her a call!  We know that you will get the first impression we want, and that the rest of our team will work their tails off to reach the bar Ann sets with each phone call we receive.

Chad Cameron

Chad has been with us for 3 years now but is no stranger to service.  He spent over 5 years serving our country with the US Navy aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).


  • For you history buffs, that’s the 8th naval vessel to bear the name “Enterprise” and the worlds first Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier!  It’s also the name of the ship that will one day carry James Tiberius Kirk where no one else has gone before.  Chad’s ship is now decommissioned, the 9th heir to her name is a Ford-class carrier, the CVN-80.


Chad served as an accomplished Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (ABF).  He was the only Sailor aboard his ship certified to inspect it’s potable water and JP-5 Jet-fuel tanks.  His knack for fixing problems led to his appointment to the ship’s In-port Emergency Team (IET).  He was responsible for casualty response, fires, flooding and damage control.  We knew that would make him a pretty great fit providing rapid-response for your in-home emergencies too!


After 3 tours to the gulf Chad hung up his uniform and returned home.  His work ethic honed, he demonstrated to us once again that our Veterans are something special.  We are very proud of his service, and even more proud of the work he does for us every day!  He is a valued member of this team that knows how to hold his own,


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