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Winter Emergency – Preparing for the next Cyclone Bomb

We here at Falcon Plumbing Service are excited for this week’s forecast!  It is going to warm up so much that there is rain forecasted for Friday, and our techs could use some respite before temps inevitably reveal weakness in heating and plumbing systems throughout our community.


As this week provides some relief, we encourage you to take a hard look at your homes and find something you can do yourselves.   We have three questions you should ask yourselves before the next bomb drops:


Question 1:  Does every adult in your home know how to turn off the water? 

As the weather thaws, leaks become apparent quickly.  Turning off the water is a skill that can save you money and protect your home.  Details At Ready.gov


Question 2:  Do you have a kit that will protect you and your family if you loses the essentials when the weather is at it’s worse? 

Losing heat or power isn’t too bad when it happens in September, but when everyone loses it at once supplies will be hard to acquire.  Check Your Kit At Ready.gov


Question 3 Do you know where your pipes and exhausts are on the outside of your home? 

If you lose a system and everything is buried under 3 feet of snow, it will make things much tougher for emergency responders.  Check out this warning from the Sandy Creek FD about your furnace vents too!


There are a lot more things to think about if you have the time and inclination.   The Federal Emergency Management Agency website has a full page on winter preparedness if you have the time.  They even have a hotline to find shelters if you find you or your family without any options.  Check out their winter weather page here!


Here’s hoping you never need us when temps break records.  Just remember that  our technicians will be there when you need us in any emergency, and they have proved it tirelessly all week!


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