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Why Professionals Matter

Last week, one of our technicians was called to a home to fix a leak.  It happens often, and we sometimes find the customer tried to fix it themselves.


This home repair in particular made us very glad the customer called, things could have gotten much worse:



When something breaks, it’s often our first instinct to just fix it ourselves.  It can be quicker and cheaper, not to mention it just feels good to be handy.


The problem with our instincts is that the laws of nature don’t change based on our intentions.  Our customer wisely recognized the limit of their ability and called us before things escalated.


Not all home repair hazards are as easy to recognize as this one, and not all handy-men are certified to understand the second or third-order effects of their work.  That’s why we hold our team to the highest standards and offer their trained eyes to help inspect your home before a job like this turns into a nightmare.


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