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We have currently partnered with Safeway Saftey Step.

Installed by our trained technicians at Falcon Plumbing Service !


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Safeway Step® Installed for just $895! Converts your bath to a step-in shower Completed in just a few hours




As mobility becomes more difficult, basic tasks also become difficult.  Below are some of the products that we sell and install.  Falcon is dedicated to helping you stay independent for as long as possible.


Slip & Fall Prevention

More than 400 people a day go to hospital emergency rooms because of falls in the bathtub alone. To reduce the risk of slipping, add tread strips to your tub or shower floor. Also consider investing in a tub grip or grab bar for support. Tub grips can provide added balance when entering or exiting the tub. In addition, grab bars/tub grips can be installed securely into the wall at any angle. Plus, several of the designer-styled models have new grip features for added safety in finishes such as Chrome, Brushed Nickel and Oil Rubbed Bronze to ensure a look that’s decorative, not institutional.  Also available are suction grab bars.  These can be conveniently placed in any spot and can also be taken with you to hotels and other away from home destinations.



Walk In Tubs


Walk-in bathtubs are designed for everyone.  You can enjoy warm, fully immersive baths – safely and comfortably.  Muscles will relax, stress will release from your body, joints will loosen and pain will subside.  Walk in baths offer the healing benefits of water therapy to ease common problems such as backaches, sore joints, sore knees, arthritis and ailments associated with obesity.


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Searching for the Right Walk-in Bathtub can become terribly confusing –
See our Frequently Asked Questions below to help you become an Informed Consumer… 


**** The following is conetnt from http://walkintubreviews.com/faqs.html please visit their page for more information ****


What do I need to know before buying a walk in tub?
Become informed – learning about tub construction, features and available options can help the process significantly. Be skeptical of Companies that will not discuss pricing over the phone.


Why are walk-in tubs priced so differently?
Pricing often depends on the quality of the tub. An imported tub from China that is bought in bulk can be sold for much less. These tubs may only be a “soaker tub” / a tub with no jets. They advertise a low price but as you add features such as faucets and air jets and hydro jets they will often end up costing more, be of poor quality, and have little to no warranty. Companies with large overhead usually have the most expensive tubs because the have several layers of people that will get paid.


Why can’t I get a price over the phone from so many of these companies?
Pricing may be relative to how much the company’s salesman thinks he can get. You’ll find that many companies will start the price out very high ($17,000 – $25,000) for the tub and installation. The salesman then applies a series of “Discounts” until he gets to the “buy today” best deal price. Be prepared for a sales representative to set up in your home for a lenghty sales pitch that will likely include discount gimmicks and pricing games. They won’t give you a price over the phone because the salesman needs to size up his customer, and figure out how much he can get them to pay. We recently found a company offering “Free Installation” – Seriously? We have yet to find any professionally qualified installers to install walk-in bathtubs for Free.


How much should I pay for installation?
Depending on how complicated the installation is you can expect to pay anywhere from $2200 to $5000.


How difficult is installation?
Installation can be a lot more complicated than one may realize. Plumbing, carpentry, and electrical work is required to install most walk in tubs. It is best to leave it to the pros when it comes to installation.


Why do companies want to send a Rep to my house for an appointment?
It will be necessary for a company representative to visit your home in most cases unless you have hired an experienced professional installer), so that they can measure and prepare a materials list for work involved to install the bathtub. On occasion, a knowledgeable, experienced Company Representative may be able to give a price estimate over the telephone, but will likely request a visit to see the jobsite in person.


There are several different walk in tub sizes – what size is right for me?
This depends on the size of your bathroom, existing tub or shower size, and it may also depend on the size of the walk-in tub user(s).


What is the difference between an “air jet” system and a “water jet” hydrotherapy system for walk-in bathtubs?
An air-jet system will blow warm air into the water creating a light hydrotherapy massage. A water-jet system uses a water pump to produce maggaging streams of water. The water-jet system will produce a more concentrated massage.


Will the jets “hurt” or be uncomfortable?
Most companies jet system come standard with controls and/ or speeds for both the air and water jet systems. This allows the user to increase and decrese the pressure of the water coming out of the water jet system & increase and decrease the air flow pressure as well. Ask a knowledgeable staff member of your walk-in tub company about the jet systems. We’ve found that the in-home sales person may say whatever it takes to get a check for a sale.


How long does it take for walk in tubs to drain?
It really depends on the existing plumbing. If your current tub drains at a good pace a walk in tub will as well. Usually it will take 2 to 5 minutes for the tub to drain if the tub is installed correctly and existing drain lines operate properly.


How long should it take for a walk-in tub to fill?
Factors that will affect how long it takes are water pressure at your home and the size of the walk-in tub. It can take 2 to 8 minutes for a tub to fill. Many companies offer sizes, but remember to consider the size of a user when considering smaller tubs.


What size water heater do I need for a walk in bathtub?
A properly working 40 gallon tank should be sufficient for a standard sized walk in tub. The oversized walk-in tubs may require a larger size.


Can a walk-in tub be installed in a home that is built on a concrete slab?


My current tub is surrounded by tile on the walls – can a walk-in bathtub be installed in that space?
Yes, a walk-in tub can be placed right up against the tile or the tile may be removed and either re-tiled. There are several options that can go in place of tile.


My current tub is a combination bathtub and shower (one-piece) – can a walk-in tub be installed in that space?
Yes, after removal of the one-piece combo a walk-in tub can be installed. A wall surround is often put above the tub.


How can I replace my oversized tub (garden tub, jacuzzi style bathtub, extra-large tub) with a walk in bathtub?
Since most walk-in tubs are designed to fit in a variety of spaces, the bigger the space the more options you will have. Shelves on the back and sides are often used to fill any needed areas.


What is the difference between acrylic and fiberglass?


Fiberglass is made of finely ground glass particles compressed onto a mold in several layers and then bonded together using a resin. Fiberglass is extremely lightweight, inexpensive and durable and does not require any additional reinforcement. To achieve a hard, and durable high-quality finish, a gelcoat is applied to the finished fiberglass mold. The outer layer of marine craft are often made with gelcoated fiberglass and provide excellent resistance to the rigors of heat and water, two things your walk-in tub will have to sustain. The gelcoat is designed to be durable and easy to maintain, and if there is damage, gelcoated fiberglass surfaces can be easily repaired with great success and repairs are permanent and virtually invisible.


Gelcoated for added durability
Strong and easily repairable


Acrylic is a type of plastic that is heated and then stretched over a mold to achieve the desired size and shape. The vacuum-creation process gives acrylic its strength and scratch-resistant surface, thus making acrylic very durable. This process eliminates pores in the surface, preventing mold, soap scum and hard-water buildup from embedding into the tub and causing it to break apart, rot or leak. Acrylic has a shiny surface that is easy to clean and maintain, its shiny appearance will also not fade. However, the stretching process tends to “thin out” the acrylic reducing its strength and requiring it to need additional support. Ironically fiberglass is widely used as the underlying structural support and strength for the acrylic surface. Look on the back side of an acrylic tub and you will see fiberglass strands reinforcing the acrylic surface.


Durable and strong
Easy to maintain
Scratch resistant


***  Please note that the above information is a combination of facts and opinions of walkintubreviews.com. We hope to help consumers make informed decisions and realize that there are credible companies in the industry that provide exceptional products and services.


We have currently partnered with Safeway Saftey Step. Installed by our trained technicians at Falcon Plumbing Service ! "You have a Choice! Your Independence is...
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