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Friday’s Falcon – Chad!

This Friday’s Falcon will be a little different from the rest.  This Veteran’s Day we would like to take a little time to honor one of our own!

Chad has been with us for 3 years now but is no stranger to service.  He spent over 5 years serving our country with the US Navy aboard the USS Enterprise (CVN-65).


  • For you history buffs, that’s the 8th naval vessel to bear the name “Enterprise” and the worlds first Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier!  It’s also the name of the ship that will one day carry James Tiberius Kirk where no one else has gone before.  Chad’s ship is now decommissioned, the 9th heir to her name is a Ford-class carrier, the CVN-80.


Chad served as an accomplished Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (ABF).  He was the only Sailor aboard his ship certified to inspect it’s potable water and JP-5 Jet-fuel tanks.  His knack for fixing problems led to his appointment to the ship’s In-port Emergency Team (IET).  He was responsible for casualty response, fires, flooding and damage control.  We knew that would make him a pretty great fit providing rapid-response for your in-home emergencies too!


After 3 tours to the gulf Chad hung up his uniform and returned home.  His work ethic honed, he demonstrated to us once again that our Veterans are something special.  We are very proud of his service, and even more proud of the work he does for us every day!  He is a valued member of this team that knows how to hold his own, which is why we’re sure Peter won’t mind if we post one more picture!

If you have the pleasure of greeting him at your door today, know you are getting one of America’s best.  Don’t forget to thank him for his service, because it truly does soar!


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