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I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Falcon Plumbing Service. Falcon Plumbing Service is a family run business that started in 1990 working out of a pick up truck with a bag of hand tools, couple of power tools and a license that said “Brian Seeholzer, Master Plumber”. Brian identified the need for a plumbing and heating company that specialized in service. Work was found by word of mouth, knocking on doors, working hard, pomises kept, sleepless night and putting the customers first! That was and still is our number one rule at Falcon Plumbing Service. “Give the very best customer service possible”! It’s really a simple rule “You get out of life what you put into it” We remind ourselves daily that we are also consumers and being treated with respect is a good thing. Brian found a used cube van in New Hampshire about ten months after getting started. It was fire engine red and turned many of heads with the bright yellow background surrounding our logo “The Falcon”. Today we have five trucks on the road with more to come and we are still turning heads with that big bird “The Falcon”. The color of the trucks have changed but our goal, our mission, and our hearts haven’t! Do your very best and you will succeed in business and in life! So, where are we today?… many years later… besides a bit grayer and a bit older and a bit wiser… still helping customers 24-7, learning on a daily basis what works for our customers and what helps our customers. Our highly trained uniformed technicians are both professional and educated on products that are good for the enviroment and safe for the customers.
We will never stop learning, that’s why we believe that we have been successful in this business. Our customers trust our choices and know that we stand behind everything we do. What will happen tomorrow? No one knows… One thing we do know is that we will always put our customer first. We will always give the very best service and we always have our light on!


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